Build Your Own Blockchain

Blockchains, distributed ledgers, and smart contracts have been known entities in computer science for decades. A blockchain is a distributed database that is used to maintain a continuously growing list of records, called blocks. Each block contains a timestamp and a link to a previous block.

What is a Blockchain?

A blockchain is a public decentralized transaction ledger. As Richard Gardner, Modulus CEO describes it, "Imagine that a car and a truck crash in the middle of an intersection and 8 of 10 witnesses say the car ran a red light. One witness couldn't be contacted. Another said the truck ran the light. Is there any doubt that the car ran the red light?"

This is the principle behind blockchain, which is essentially a ledger of digital transactions shared by many different computers to arrive at a consensus. Once the data has been entered, there is a prohibitively high cost to attempt to rewrite or alter the transaction history. It is essentially a zero trust consensus network. Any system needing this kind of security should use blockchain technology.

Blockchain technology, Goldman Sachs says, "has the potential to redefine transactions" and can change "everything."

Modulus Blockchain

The Modulus Blockchain has been designed specifically for financial institutions, such as brokerages, exchanges, and clearing firms. Modulus provides a commercial source code license that allows clients to quickly move to market with their own blockchain solution.

In true Modulus fashion, we've leveraged our years of experience in high-frequency trading and high-performance computing (our solutions are used by the world's largest exchanges) to produce a state-of-the-art, commercial full source code solution, designed to save start-ups and existing firms thousands of hours of engineering costs and months of time in their race to market.

Modulus Blockchain is a customizable distributed financial-grade ledger system designed to give startups and existing firms the ability to design their own blockchain networks which they can quickly deploy and operate on their own hardware or in the cloud. Our solution features ultra-high performance code which is not based on open source. Our code is commercially supported, allowing clients to use our code and customize it to their specific needs. Also, complete, turnkey, bespoke solutions are available through our consulting group. Modulus is able to rapidly prototype and test proofs of concept for clients.

Modulus Blockchain is fully production-tested and when coupled with the Modulus MyExchange engine, also provides complete order matching, risk management, and scalability, allowing firms to rapidly customize and deploy solutions on their own hardware or in the cloud (PDF flyer).


We believe in providing our clients complete control by delivering full source code so they are never forced to depend on a solution provider which may be a single point of failure or a future problem for license renegotiation.

At Modulus, there are no obscure, proprietary libraries, special-built servers, software dongles, web services, or locked-down kernels. There is also no open source used in our products which would devalue or expose your company to risks. Our blockchain and distributed ledger system is provided with complete commercial source code and developer support, which is especially important for financial institutions.

Modulus Blockchain integrates seamlessly with existing financial infrastructure, including FIX messaging, and is extremely secure, operating as a permissioned-access blockchain using two-factor authentication and Stanford Remote Password Protocol with message-level encryption. The solution provides for full cryptographic auditability of all activity throughout the system, complying with finance industry specific security standards.

Modulus Blockchain is also highly scalable and is designed to work seamlessly with Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS. The solution is also highly interoperable with other Modulus products, including MyExchange.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts are computer protocols which create a type of unbreakable escrow, eliminating the risk of others not following through on their commitments. Blockchain makes this more secure. Modulus Blockchain handles smart contracts, which control assets via a convenient scripting language based on JavaScript. Users may encode arbitrary state transition functions by writing logic in a few lines of code. The scripting language allows users to write logic for contract terms, events which occur when there is success or failure, and so forth.

Why Modulus?

There are many “blockchain” startups out there. But Modulus is known for its diverse experience, from financial A.I. development with IBM to working with NASA to provide technology for the International Space Station. We have been in the financial technology industry for nearly two decades with thousands of clients in over 94 countries. Modulus has targeted highly visible, well-respected clients, and we'd like to offer you the same level of service for which we’re known across the globe. Modulus Blockchain will exceed your expectations and requirements. Guaranteed.

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Modulus Blockchain Features

  • Customizable blockchain with public decentralized transaction ledger.
  • Configurable architecture for distributed ledger.
  • Smart contracts with JavaScript-based scripting language.
  • Full commercially licensed source code and developer support.
  • Malleable design, not limited to financial applications.
  • Optional order management and risk engine for financial applications.
  • Permissioned-access security with two factor authentication.
  • Message-level double encryption.

Developer Support

We provide developer setup and training via desktop sharing, so you can utilize the Modulus Blockchain almost immediately. Technical support and source code updates are provided for one year and may be renewed. Contact us to get started today.