Personalized Stock Alerts with Apple Watch™

Apple Watch Stock Alerts

WatchAlert™ by Modulus allows you to monitor your entire portfolio and send stock alerts to other investors with a single tap---all on your wrist, as we’ve blended our technology into the new Apple Watch. WatchAlert adds a physical dimension to alerts and notifications, emitting a gentle tap on your wrist with each stock alert. Trading notifications have never been more accessible or convenient.

The app uses TradeScript, Modulus’ proprietary, powerful server-side scripting language which allows users to design trading systems without prior programming experience. With TradeScript, users can receive alerts when the price of a security reaches a new high, crosses over a moving average, or drops a set percentage, though those are only a few examples. TradeScript can also scan the market, generate trade signals, back-test trading strategies, and much more.

A New Brand of Apple Watch App

When we designed WatchAlert, it was with user experience in mind. The typeface, San Francisco, has remarkable sharpness and contrast, which Apple created specifically for legibility on the device's small display.

Our TradeScript feature and fluid design sets the WatchAlert app apart from others for the Apple Watch. We developed WatchAlert to be customizable. This means you can take the source code and customize the app to your specifications and even bundle it with your own existing iOS app on iTunes.

WatchAlert was developed using Xcode and Apple WatchKit™. A WatchKit app requires an existing iOS app, such as the Modulus iOS Trader app (licensed separately), as Apple Watch relies on a connected iPhone. The WatchAlert app is compatible with all versions of Apple Watch paired with the iPhone 5, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, and iPhone 6 Plus, running iOS 8.2 or later, connecting via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth 4.0.

WatchAlert comes with full Objective C source code, developer support and source code updates. It integrates with the SuperWebSocket Data Server to receive real-time market data, which can be hosted on cloud servers.

Apple iWatch Stock Alerts

Programmer F.A.Q.s

  • Q. How do I connect market data to WatchAlert? A. While WatchAlert is designed to work with our SuperWebSocket Data Server, any data can be "pushed" into the app. It does not matter where the data comes from, be it a database, text file, XML file, or real time tick-by-tick data source – the data goes into WatchAlert the same way, quick and simple.
  • Q. How can I customize the app? A. You can customize the app by developing in Objective C on Mac using XCode with the Apple WatchKit SDK. We also offer customization services if needed.
  • Q. How many stocks can the WatchAlert app track? A. WatchAlert can track thousands of stocks using our TradeScript server side alert engine. Please refer to TradeScript for additional information.
  • Q. How complex can stock alerts be? A. As complex as you can imagine! Alerts are generated via our versitle TradeScript scripting language, which provides functions for math, technical indicators, pattern recognition and more.
  • Q. Can I bundle WatchAlert with my existing iOS app developed in another language? A. Yes, you can bundle the app with any application developed in any programming language, such as Objective C, Swift, PhoneGap, Xamarin or another language.

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