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Modulus Amplified

Application Container Platform

Deploy, Scale, and Monitor Apps in the Language of Your Choice

Modulus Public Platform

Premier Public Hosting

Maximize your application deployment options with integrated MongoDB, auto-scaling, powerful statistics and mobile management. Modulus provides a secure, full-featured and cost-effective PaaS hosting environment. Currently available in US, Europe, and Asia. Built for developers by developers, we understand your pain.

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Modulus Enterprise Class

Private Hosting Platform

Advanced configurability and portability lets you thoroughly customize your platform and run compliant apps in any combination of cloud or private environments. Modulus delivers Enterprise level app deployment while enabling PCI and HIPAA compliance. Install and run your private PaaS anywhere you need.

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Features Servo Sizes Auto Scaling Installable Customizable Compliance Ready
Modulus Public Platform
Modulus Enterprise Class
Features Modulus Public Platform Modulus Enterprise Class
Servo Sizes
Auto Scaling
Compliance Ready


Modulus provides seamless horizontal scaling through mini-servers called “Servos.” Each Servo runs an instance of your application in a Docker container and Modulus takes care of load balancing between them. No matter how large your application gets, Modulus will scale to meet its demand.

Integrated MongoDB

MongoDB is a core part of the platform. Administrative tools, user management, and data export is available directly through our management portal. Create databases with a click button and watch how it's performing in real-time. All your data is stored redundantly and backed up for disaster recovery.

Powerful Metrics

Every request that comes into Modulus is tracked and stored. This allows Modulus to provide an unparalleled level of insight into your applications, tracking activity and performance. These metrics are broken down by individual servo to provide maximum visibility and actionable information.

Choose Your Language

Modulus now supports the web's most popular languages, allowing you to build apps your way.
Simple application hosting for everyone.

Deploy Your App to Anywhere in the World

Modulus boasts multi-region support with the ability to choose to host your app at multiple of our providers simultanously - support for Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean and Joyent.

Amazon Web Services DigitalOcean Joyent
Regions Support: US East, Europe, Asia

Full-Featured Dashboard

Handle Everything You Need Through the Modulus Dashboard

and so much more!
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What our customers say

"Modulus Enterprise provided us with the ideal solution to meet speed, security and scalability needs for deploying our latest offerings to consumers... Modulus Enterprise Class enables us to do just that and we’ve been astounded by the success."

Steve Mandery, CEO, Think University

What's on Twitter

"@OnModulus I'm super impressed with the infrastructure on the enterprise side. Wow! Talk about a slick cloud stack."

Tyler Garlick‏, @TylerGarlick - December 23rd 2015

Meteor Support

Meteor applications can be deployed directly with the Modulus command line tool. You can get the best of all worlds when running your Meteor applications.

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Progress Integration

Node.js applications running on Modulus can integrate with all Progress products via APIs. Node.js is a natural fit for Progress developers to build custom API services, integrations, messaging frameworks, independent UI backends and more.

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