CLI Reference

User Commands

signup Creates a new Modulus account.
login Log into your Modulus account. When successfully logged in, a session will be kept for running future commands.
resetPassword Sends a password recovery email to the email address provided.
logout Ends your current session.

Project Commands

project create Creates a new project.
project list List your currently available projects.
list Alias of project list.
project deploy <dir> Zips a directory and deploys it to your selected project. If no directory is provided, your current working directory is used.
deploy <dir> Alias of project deploy.
project scale <servos> Scales a project to use the number of servos given.
project stop Stops your selected project, if it is running.
project start Starts your selected project.
project restart Restarts your selected project.
project logs Retrieves the last 2000 lines of the selected project's logs.
project logs tail Begins a real-time stream of a project's logs.
logs tail Alias of project logs tail.
project logs clear Clear all log data.

Environment Variable Commands

env list List your current project's environment variables.
env get <name> List a single environment variable.
env set <name> <value> Create a variable with the name and value provided, or if the project has a variable with the name provided, it will be set to the value provided.
env delete <name> Delete the variable with the name provided.

Miscellaneous Commands

contact <message> Send a feedback/support email to Modulus support. Your message must be enclosed in "s (double quotes).
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