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Designed for corporate development environments from the startup to the global enterprises, Modulus Enterprise Class, is our premier container based deployment platform.

You get unequaled customizability that allows you to adapt the Modulus environment to suit your corporate, compliance, and application needs.

You’ll also have the portability to run apps wherever you choose, whether on–premises, in the cloud, in hybrid environments, or in multiple regions.

For corporate developers, Modulus Enterprise combines ease with maximum portability, configurability, scalability, and transparency.

The platform supports the language of your choice with built-in support for Node.js, PHP, Java, Python, MongoDB, and Docker. Any other technology is just Dockerfile away.

Simplify Deployments

Don't waste hours deploying your application. Modulus Enterprise Class has built-in deployment and orchestration tools to help you deploy in seconds and iterate quickly.

Quickly Scale to Meet Demand

Instantly grow your application as traffic grows. Regardless of how complex the environment, scaling is easy, and load balancing automatic.

Make Informed Decisions

Real-time analytics that don’t impact application performance help ensure availability, and a better customer experience.

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