Simple Scalability
Our flexible infrastructure ensures your application has the resources it needs to handle any amount of demand. Instances of your application are run on our mini-servers called “Servos”. Servos can be dynamically added and removed from your application at any time and traffic is automatically load balanced between them.
Powerful Statistics
Modulus has a motto of ‘track everything’. Every request that enters your application is stored and available in real-time. Statistics are broken down by individual routes, so you can see which route is taking the longest to respond, which is transferring the most bandwidth, and which is the most active.
Websockets are extremely important for today’s real-time applications, and Modulus has full support for Websockets and Websocket libraries like Socket.IO.
Multiple Node Versions
Modulus supports all versions of Node starting at 0.2.0 and up to the latest release. This includes all stable and unstable versions.
Integrated Mongo Database
Our MongoDB offering is a core part of our platform. Administrative tools, user management, and data export is available directly through our Web Portal. All data stored in our Mongo databases is saved in triplicate and backed up offsite to maximize reliability and durability.
Persistent Storage
Projects have an unlimited amount of storage that is directly mounted to the file system and is instantly replicated to all instances of the application.
CLI Deployment
Deployments can be seamlessly integrated into your development process by making use of the Modulus command line tool. Simply run “modulus deploy” and your app will be on its way.
Custom Domains
We’re one of the few hosting providers that supports wildcard custom domains. Our load balancers direct traffic to the most specific match first, and then fall back to the wildcard.
Free Custom-Domain SSL
SSL is a requirement for any serious application and Modulus provides free support for custom SSL certificates for every application. Each project also receives a * domain, which also has instant access to SSL protection by default. With a single click, projects can be configured to automatically redirect non-ssl traffic to https.
No Tiers
Don’t spend time figuring out what pricing tier is right for you. Modulus hosting, databases, and cloud storage all charge based on the amount of service you use. You no longer have to worry about reaching your limit, exceeding your tier, or worse, paying for more than you need.
Session Affinity
Our load balancers ensure when users hit a Servo, they are sent back to that same Servo for all subsequent activity. This reduces the complexity of applications by allowing for in-memory state information.